The Real Causes of the Global Energy Crisis

How did we get to this point, and how does it play out from here?

Steve St. Angelo with Dave Russell on GoldCore TV

The Real Causes of the #GlobalEnergyCrisis with #SteveStAngelo, Dave Russell and Jan Skoyles.
Have you been looking at your gas bill and wondering why you might be choosing between heating and eating this winter? Or maybe you’re wondering why the media believe the energy crisis is thanks to the war in Ukraine (even though prices were climbing long before the invasion) or maybe you’re just confused as to why the sanctions aren’t having much effect on #Putin.

We cover these issues and more in episode five of The M3 Report. Your show on all things metals, markets and money.

Our chat with Steve St. Angelo is a must-watch for anyone wondering how we got to this point in the energy market and how it plays out from here.

We ask Steve how much of a difference the war in Ukraine has made, or if sanctions have made things worse. Ultimately, we ask, what are the real causes of the global energy crisis?

Steve shines some light upon how the impact of geopolitical events in energy markets is dramatically different to how it used to be, and why it’s now something of a predicament rather than an easily-solved problem.

And stand by for Chart Watch where we look at major shortages on the SLV.


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