The Fed’s Goal is to Inflict Losses

If you’re going to follow gold & silver, you’ve got to follow everything from the economy to…

Craig Hemke on Palisades Gold Radio

Craig discusses how he is becoming an old-timer in this industry and how his website has given him access to people all over the world. If you’re going to follow the precious metals, you’ve got to follow everything from the economy to politics. That exploration unveils all the fraud and corruption in the system.

Events are speeding up, and we see this with Russia’s move toward an alternative gold standard for international trade. The inevitable result will be less demand for dollars. As more viable alternatives get built and the dollar continues to be printed, we will see a decline in its value. Numerous countries are heading in this direction.

In today’s economy, the paper derivatives of gold and silver control the physical price of metals. We can’t double the amount of physical gold, but did multiply the amount of paper equivalents. This creates the perception there is more gold than actually exists. Most people don’t realize the dollar is backed by nothing.

The way interest rates have spiked, inflation expectations, and the dollar soaring means we are likely heading for a big crash. We could see another thirty percent drop from here in equities.

Craig discusses how arrogant the Fed and Jay Powell are at believing they can manage the economy. We could easily see a big reset downwards in everything. Consumer prices will not be dropping, but they just might be able to slow their continue rate of increase. Much of the country is living paycheck to paycheck. Many of whom will likely lose their jobs as everything is against the middle class. The mathematical problems inherent in the system are becoming obvious. We are now in the endgame, and you don’t want to be caught sleeping.

Craig argues the powers that be, are manipulating the bitcoin markets the same way they manipulate gold and silver. It’s no longer a closed loop system now there is more supply through derivative products.

There is a lot of copper flow off the markets, and we’re seeing big spreads in silver retail markets. Most of the time the market makers win, and with gold and silver that’s the futures banks.

This is a time to be paying attention, and you should be building relationships with your community. Pay close attention in the months ahead because we are in treacherous waters.


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