Another Fed Rate Hike On Deck With Misled Goldbugs Anxiously (And Wrongly) Waiting For The So-Called “Fed Pivot”

The Fed does not really have America in mind, much less would the Fed willingly sprinkle a few crumbs Joe Deplorable’s way…

(by Half Dollar) All of this hype and shilling about the so-called “Fed Pivot” is kind of cringey.

I mean, if the Fed moves to “loosen” policy, are those slightly-more-accomodative-than-the-already-highly-accomodative-conditions-they-are-right-now really going to benefit Joe Deplorable in any actual way, or will the end result simply be another greasing of the “financial” “system”?

That is to say, the Fed is only in it for themselves and their bestest buddies in Washington and on Wall Street, so why would a purely financialized pick-n-choose monetary pivot do anything “good” for Main Street?

And no, I’m not talking about cookie-cutter corporate America that litters the strip malls and the parking lots off of Main Street, but rather, Main Street Mom & Pop.

Besides, according to the propaganda, if the Fed pivots, well now, that’s “good for stocks”, isn’t it?

See how this works?

Everything is “bad” for gold & silver, even though it’s all just varying degrees of outright lies and evil propaganda.

Nonetheless, Paid Website Pushers, Newsletter Writers and other Sleazy Opportunists must keep the dream alive, or the cancellations to a minimum, or something, so milking the Fed Pivot for all it’s worth is the flavor of the day, and I must admit, it’s rather disgusting.

Like, you know how some Billionaire Bullion Buyer bought up every single ounce of silver in America a couple of months back or how Benevolent Purveyors Of Freedom & Liberty China and Russia are going to Save the World by returning to the Gold Standard?

Um, yeah.

Kinda like that.

SPOILER ALERT: The so-called “Fed Pivot” will most likely be played-out as a “sell the rumor, sell the news” event in the gold & silver “markets”.

And why would it not be?

Gold & silver are money, and the last time I checked, people with limited or stagnant income need to spend their money on ersatz dollars to buy other necessities in life.

Furthermore, since it is a one-two punch, the latest round of Federal government gimmicks will not be directly benefiting Joe Deplorable’s bank account either like they did in the early days of the Zombie Apocalypse.

Holding out for China and Russia, billionaires buyin’ up all the bullion, or, worse yet, the so-called “Fed Pivot”?

Remember, those same Gamblers in the Rigged Casino, those same Enablers of the Manipulation, and those same Chart Huggers also said gold had bottomed at $1680:

And other than the Flip Floppers who always flip on the flop or flop on the flip, those same people also said “silver will not be going back into the teens”.

Wrong, and wrong.


Starve the Beast…

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