Zuckerberg Warns Employees: Be Prepared For Layoffs

It appears that we are about to hit the motherlode of mass layoffs…

 by Mac Slavo of SHTFplan

The world is seeing a massive round of layoffs as we enter the month of July. Even Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO and founder of Facebook, now Meta Platforms, is telling his employees to brace for layoffs.

It appears that we are about to hit the motherlode of mass layoffs after none other than Zuck sounded the alarm. According to Reuters, Facebook-owner Meta Platforms (which will likely be undoing its name change just as bitcoin bottoms) has cut plans to hire engineers by at least 30% this year, CEO Mark Zuckerberg told employees on Thursday, as he warned them to brace for a deep economic downturn.

“If I had to bet, I’d say that this might be one of the worst downturns that we’ve seen in recent history,” Zuckerberg told workers in a weekly employee Q&A session, audio of which was heard by Reuters. 

“Realistically, there are probably a bunch of people at the company who shouldn’t be here,” Zuckerberg said, adding that “part of my hope by raising expectations and having more aggressive goals, and just kind of turning up the heat a little bit, is that I think some of you might decide that this place isn’t for you, and that self-selection is OK with me.

And while Zuck emphasized the lack of hiring – noting that it has reduced its target for hiring engineers in 2022 to around 6,000-7,000, down from an initial plan to hire about 10,000 new engineers, which comes amid a hiring pause announced month – he confirmed that layoffs are also coming saying the company was “turning up the heat” on performance management to weed out staffers unable to meet more aggressive goals. -ZeroHedge

Chief Product Officer Chris Cox was much more intentional saying that the company must “prioritize more ruthlessly” and “operate leaner, meaner, better executing teams.”

“I have to underscore that we are in serious times here and the headwinds are fierce. We need to execute flawlessly in an environment of slower growth, where teams should not expect vast influxes of new engineers and budgets,” Cox wrote.

The economy is crumbling. Inflation, a looming food crisis, and unemployment problems are about to collide making situations dire for many people who are right now, just trying to get by.

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