Will Silver Prices Go Up to $300?

What is the primary cause of silver’s current price drop, and what is the basis of the $300 price target?

Peter Krauth with Dave Russell on GoldCore TV

This week, Dave Russell is joined by Peter Krauth, editor of Silver Stock Investor and author of The Great Silver Bull book, who explains why he’s so bullish on silver. He discusses in length the reasons why he predicts silver will outperform gold and reach $300.

Highlights from the episode:

Why does Peter consider that despite the #dollar strengthening against other currencies, a decline in the value of the dollar is about to come?

Are we actually in a recession right now?

Are the Fed’s rate increases intended to affect inflation or to trigger a reaction from the market so they can assert that things are under control?

Given everything going on in the market, why is Peter so bullish on silver?

What is the primary cause of silver’s current price drop?

What grounds did Peter base his $300 long-term price target for silver on?

What initially piqued Peter’s interest in silver?


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