What Recession? GOLD & SILVER Prices GET HAMMERED On Report Indicating Ultra-Super Duper Job Gains In July

BOOM(ing economy…)

(by Half Dollar) The Employment Situation Report, commonly called the Jobs Report, has just been released for the month of July, 2022.

Recall that the Bureau of Lying Sadists Labor Statistics has been performing a Jobs Report “do-over” for the last three or four months.

Today, however, Team US Recession Narrative just got dunked on by Team Booming Economy Narrative.

Which is to say, those fans gnawing their fingernails raw in anticipation of the so-called “Fed Pivot” will have to fulfill their oral fixations by some other means during this nailbiter.

I mean, there just ain’t that much nail left.

And so it is, that according to the BLS, in the US, in July of 2022:

  • Total employment increased by 528,000
  • Unemployment rate fell to 3.5%
  • Average hourly earnings rose by $0.15 per hour

All things considered, for those who believe these numbers, this is an ultra-super duper jobs report.

Get ready for the Biden Boasting.

Remember the Trump Bragging?

Um, yeah.

Kinda like that.

And whatever happened to those 789,542 sealed indictments anyway?

Did they all just go away?

And did that Huge Army of White Hat Good Guys fighting to throw out the evil corruption and restore Freedom and Liberty to America suddenly all just drop their rifles and run?


Doesn’t matter.

What matters is that Economic Misery and Financial Ruin are making their way across America.

Shameless Plug Time: There are things that can be done to stave off the financial reckoning:

It might be more than just staving off the financial reckoning, actually.

Gold & Silver prices were hammered on the “report”:

Of course they were.

Starve the Beast…

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