Wealthcare® App Hugosave Gamifies Savings Journey with Launch of Rewards Centre

Combining finance, technology, and psychology to enhance the journey to financial fitness 

SINGAPORE, Aug. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Singapore-based Wealthcare® and savings app Hugosave today unveiled the Hugosave Rewards Centre, a programme which rewards users with Goldback® when they sign up for Hugosave or refer friends to get them started on their savings journey.

Hugosave’s all-new Rewards Centre

Starting today, all Hugosave users will be rewarded in an interactive manner as they explore and familiarise themselves with the app through ‘Quests’. To provide a unique customer onboarding experience that engages users beyond traditional sign-up programs, they are rewarded every step of the way with opportunities to win up to S$80 in Goldback® and other exciting prizes by spinning the wheel.

“Hugosave strongly believes that achieving financial fitness should not just be painless – it should also be a fun experience. As such, we designed individual aspects of the Rewards Centre while closely referencing psychology principles – all with the aim of creating an interactive, exploratory experience for our users. Through these gamification elements, we hope to further engage current and potential users, establishing Hugosave as their digital companion of choice as they start their financial fitness journeys,” said Chief Product Officer and Co-founder Braham Djidjelli.

“How many times have we participated in sign-up programs that lead us to the app and then we’re left to fend for ourselves, figuring out how to use the app efficiently through our own discovery? The new Hugosave Rewards guides us through the features and we get rewarded for it too!” said Bryan Chua, a user of Hugosave.

Participation in Hugosave Quests

Users are led through five in-app Quests, each specially designed to help them better understand the tools and features available for them to start their financial fitness along their Wealthcare® journey. The five quests include:

  • Quest 1: Opening of Hugosave Lite account
  • Quest 2: Progression to Hugosave Plus+ Account
  • Quest 3: Activation of the Hugosave Debit Card
  • Quest 4: Purchase of Gold in-app
  • Quest 5: Completion of 14-Day Invest-As-You-Spend

To encourage users to complete these Quests, the descriptions and progress of each can be easily accessed via the Rewards Centre found on the home screen of the Hugosave app. Users can also expect more Quests to be added to the Rewards Centre in the coming months to further reward them on their savings and Wealthcare® journey, providing a sense of continued progression and mastery as each Quest is completed.

Enhanced Referral

With the new Rewards Centre, users can further accelerate their savings by winning up to S$16 worth of Goldback® everytime they refer a friend to the app, and getting a chance to spin the Super wheel once the referee progresses to a Hugosave Plus+ Account. With no upper limits to this program, users can invite as many contacts as they wish.

Hugosave is Singapore’s leading Wealthcare® companion with about 50,000 users using the app to optimise their finances and enhance their financial fitness. Users can buy and trade gold on the Hugosave app at their convenience, starting from S$0.01. For more information about Hugosave and its Rewards Centre, please visit www.hugosave.com.

About Hugosave

Launched in July 2021, Hugosave is Singapore’s first Wealthcare® and savings app which helps users become financially fit by spending smarter, saving more, and investing diligently, starting with gold. Today, more than 50,000 users in Singapore are using Hugosave to optimise their finances. Owned and operated by Atlas Consolidated Pte Ltd, Hugosave was established in December 2019 by financial and technological stalwarts David Fergusson, Ben Davies, Braham Djidjelli and Surya Tamada. Hugosave is a certified FinTech of the Singapore FinTech Association and received its licensing approval to operate as a Major Payment Institution [PS20200550] from the Monetary Authority of Singapore on 1 April 2022 and Regulated Precious Metals Dealers Certification [PS20200001983] from the Ministry of Law, Singapore on 1 August 2021.


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