U.S. Dollar To Collapse! Saudi Arabia To Leave The Dollar For BRICS In Massive Power Shift!

This major power shift will cause some of the biggest, most catastrophic echoes throughout the world, and it’s all by the plan…

by Josh Sigurdson via World Alternative Media

Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent news according to the South African government that Saudi Arabia is indeed doing as many have theorized and getting ready to leave the US dollar and switch to BRICS as the world order and economy shift into a new era. The Great Reset.
We’ve been long saying that Saudi Arabia would make the switch. It is a controlled collapse after all and all the players are in on it. As the Euro, Pound and Dollar face collapse, BRICS is building their new world reserve currency based on a basket of currencies. It will include China, Russia, India, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Brazil, South Africa and many others.
This major power shift will cause some of the biggest most catastrophic echoes throughout the world. All by the plan.
The US has been propping up China and Russia for years, all in anticipation of a new world reserve currency that is digital so that technocracy can reign and they can “solve” the problems they created in the first place with the tyranny of “convenience” which will surely lead to an epic collapse and a new more coercive technocratic, anti-human version of government worldwide.

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