Thursday Conversation – DenverDave Kranzler

Our old pal, DenverDave, stopped by earlier today to discuss the current parallels to 2008 and how this is all impacting the precious metals. You should be sure to have a listen!

And the timing of this podcast couldn’t be better. Yes, the POSX is soaring while the euro is tanking but is this solely due to Fed and ECB policy or is there something more complicated lurking behind the curtain? See this chart of the price of Credit Default Swaps on Credit Suisse:

Woah, credit default swaps for Credit Suisse going absolutely vertical.

Insurance against the default of the $14b bank are approaching levels not seen since the Great Financial Crises.

— Dylan LeClair 🟠 (@DylanLeClair_) July 6, 2022

So there’s a lot to discuss with Dave today and all of it will make you glad that you own physical precious metal, regardless of the current period of lower grinding prices.

History suggests that there will soon be a turn in the mining shares, too. So how do you prepare for this next rally? You draw your information and research from only the best sources. One of those sources should be Dave’s “Mining Stock Journal”. More information on this service can be found by visiting Dave’s website.

Many thanks to Dave for his time today and for all the wisdom and friendship he has shared with us for over a decade. I’m confident that you will benefit from listening to this podcast.


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