Thursday Conversation – Dave Collum

Our old friend, Dave Collum, is a professor of organic chemistry at Cornell University. He’s also an astute observer and analyst of global economic and political events. To that end, you’re going to find this podcast…at this particular time…to be of great interest.

You’ll recall that Dave is the author of the annual “Year In Review” that we so look forward to every December. The most recent installment was again released and featured at Chris Martenson’s site and you can access all three parts through this link:

With current events seeming to speed up their out of control spin, I thought it a good time to check in with Dave to get his thoughts on geopolitics, monetary policy and the creeping authoritarianism of western governments. As usual, he didn’t disappoint.

So please carve out some time to listen to this podcast. I know you’ll be glad you did.


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