This Is An Inflation The Fed Can’t Solve, Gold Probably $2000 Per Ounce Over Next 12 Months

Watch for gaps up in the gold price and…

Mark Magarian on Palisades Gold Radio

Mark Magarian returns to the show to discuss the markets and the fundamental outlook for gold. Timing is key in these markets.

Mark discusses the importance of managing risk and considering the fundamentals of assets. Volatility isn’t necessarily the concern, but more importantly is their cash flow. Resource companies with diversification across metals and jurisdictions are important considerations.

We will see $2000 gold again probably over the next 12 months and likely upwards of $2300 inside 18 months. He discusses ways of keeping gains during the next bull market. This sector is wild and discipline is key, avoid leverage. Watch for gaps up in the gold price and excessive media attention to the sector. Those are indications that it’s time to take profits.


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