Third Of Global Population Killed In Next War Cycle Starting By 2023, Gold To $2500 In Not-Too-Distant Future

This type of war will be much bigger than WWII, and if the world goes back on a gold standard…

Charles Nenner interviewed on USA Watchdog by Greg Hunter

Renowned geopolitical and financial cycle expert Charles Nenner says his analysis shows the world will start a huge war cycle by 2023. This type of war is similar to WWII but much bigger. Nenner explains, “The cycle work I do on wars starts at the Mandarin Empire 3,000 years before Jesus came into this world. The long cycle only picks up the big wars. Wars in Korea and Iraq do not show up. So, I say the big War Cycle is up, and this is going to be a big war because the small ones don’t even show up. So, I am very worried. . . . There was a Jewish prophet that once said, ‘The last war is going to take 8 minutes.’ Nobody took this serious because how can a war last 8 minutes? Now we have an idea why a war can only take 8 minutes. Things could calm down in the short term this summer. Then, next year, it can start full force again, and the whole thing is very dangerous.”

Nenner is still long term bullish on gold and says it will hit “$2,500” in the not-too-distant future. Nenner says if the world goes back on a gold standard, “gold will hit $40,000 per ounce.”

On top of that, expect civil unrest in America to keep growing.


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