Thinking of buying gold? Here’s a few online stores you can get gold from

Jewellery store full of gold bangles (Photo: Gettyimages)

For years, the elders around me have discussed extensively the importance of buying and keeping gold, precious metals and jewellery in sturdy safety deposit boxes as a form of insurance and eventual inheritance for their descendants.

As a millennial who has never gone through major uncertainties in the three decades I’ve been alive – yes, even through SARS, COVID-19 and the multiple conflicts of this decade – the idea of hoarding gold and jewellery still seems a little archaic. What need do I have of items that I won’t use, nor wear, nor have any use of in an actual apocalyptic situation?

While I cannot pretend to be drawn to the allure of gold, I’ve begun to appreciate the value of gold as uncertainties around world events brew. I now understand an important fact – Gold’s inability to corrode, rust or decay, plus its perceived value, provides a stabilising effect on people. People who buy gold do it with the understanding that it can be traded off in difficult times, and that it will continue to be valuable far beyond their lifespan.

If anything, the enduring nature of gold speaks of hope. To get your own little piece of hope, we have shortlisted a couple of places you can get gold from in Singapore.

Plus, we know all you savvy shoppers will use the perks and coupons of shopping websites such as Shopee and Lazada to your advantage!

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A word of caution: if you’re shopping online, make sure to check out the authorised retailer of the physical jeweller brands in Singapore. We’ve highlighted some established stores in Singapore with both physical and online presence below.

Shop gold at Chow Sang Sang Shop gold at Chow Tai Fook Shop gold at Goldheart Shop gold at Puregold Shop gold at SK Jewellery Shop gold at TAKA Jewellery

For the ballers who can afford gold bars

A 1Oz gold bars of a bank. 3d illustration.

10 oz gold bars. (Photo: Gettyimages)

Here are the pure 999 gold bars you can find online.

Shop gold bullion at The Royal Mint



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