The US Military Has Been Sacrificed to Wokeism

Racial quotas, not competence and ability, now rule the US military, making it a spent useless force…

by Paul Craig Roberts via

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The US Military Has Been Sacrificed to Wokeism

Paul Craig Roberts

The US military is in its final stage of collapse. The indoctrinated and brainwashed high command think that a Tower of Babel is what it takes to confront Russia and China. Of course, a tower of babel is precisely that. There is no unity. But the lack of unity is what the dumbshit US Air Force thinks is crucial for enhancing its abilities to deter opponents: “Diversity and inclusion are an essential part of our society and key to the success of any organization,” Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall and other top leaders said last month in an internal memo. “As such, it is imperative that the composition of our military services better reflect our nation’s highly talented, diverse and eligible population.”

Racial quotas, not competence and ability, now rule the US military, making it a spent useless force. US military personnel know that they are going to have incompetent officers for the sake of “diversity.”

RT reports:

“According to the memo, which was released publicly on Tuesday, recruiters for the US Air Force and its sister branch, the Space Force, will aim to sharply reduce the percentage of white applicants – especially white males – for the officer corps. Whites currently account for nearly 77% of the officer ranks, while only 6.4% are black. Just 23% of officers are women, according to Air Force figures.

“The new targets, which also will apply to the US Air Force Academy (USAFA), call for 67.5% of applicants to be white, 13% to be black, 10% to be Asian, 7% to be multiracial, 1.5% to be American Indian or Native Alaskan, and 1% to be Pacific islanders. Furthermore, the air forces aim for 36% of their officer candidates to be female and 15% to be Hispanic.”

The US Air Force is now the property of the woke extreme left. The brainwashed top brass wimps have ordered the Air Force to use gender-neutral language. The claim of the stupid and incompetent top command is that gender-neutral language will increase the “lethality of America’s military.”

Listen to the woke language of the top command of the US Air Force:

“We must embrace, promote and unleash the potential of diversity and inclusion.”

The vast Persian army numbering in the hundreds of thousands that invaded Greece was a multicultural tower of babel force. It only took 300 Spartans to stop them in their tracks.

Racial discrimination against white men began when the EEOC imposed racial quotas in violation of the statutory language of the 1964 Civil Rights Act that specifically forbade racial quotas. The Congress, distracted by the Vietnam War let the Jewish bureaucrat running the EEOC get away with it.

When the white liberals were confronted with the illegal imposition of racial quotas, they replied that it was just a temporary measure to give blacks a leg up. But as time passed the illegal “racial preferences” became institutionalized, not only in the US military, but throughout all hiring and promotions, government and corporations. Today the Bank of America gives special privileges to black borrowers that the bank denies to white persons. Yet we hear “white privilege” not “black privilege.” If you are a black, Bank of America will give you a home mortgage for zerdo down payment, zero closing costs, no minimum credit score, and no required mortgage insurance.

A white borrower is left with the full range of cost.

It is paradoxical, isn’t it, that the Civil Rights Act that was enacted in order to give enforcement power to the 14th Amendment guaranteeing “equal treatment” has instead resulted in institutionalizing in every American institution whether governmental or private, preferential treatment for blacks based on skin color. It is official policy that white people, especially heterosexual men, are second class citizens with inferior rights. This is unconstitutional, but the discrimination against white people is institutionalized, and there is no sign of the Supreme Court or any white organization doing anything about it.

If you care to know how this came about, you can find the documented story here: The New Color Line by Paul Craig Roberts.

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