The Math Says Buy Gold & Silver Now

The math says the Fed is about to do an about-face and start printing money and…

Craig Hemke interviewed on USA Watchdog by Greg Hunter

The math, according to Hemke, says the Fed is about to do an about-face and start money printing and cutting rates. Please keep in mind, by every metric, the economy is tanking, and this is an election year where the Democrats in power are weaker than they have ever been. Hemke says, “We are already in a recession, and that is a textbook definition. People are hurting badly. Everybody knows this. . . . What’s going to happen is the interest rate picture is going to get completely out of control, or what is most likely going to happen and that is the Fed is . . . going to put the pedal to the metal with QE (money printing) up to your eyeballs trying to rush to catch up with that train that is accelerating away from them. Man, this is coming. . . . What keeps me going is the math, and that is the math. This is going to happen, and it will be sometime soon. . . . That is when the flood gates open again, and investment demand for everything precious metal . . . the cash comes flowing into the sector and the price takes off. Sometimes it will move up by 50% in five months as it has in the past.”


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