The Fed Cannot Fight Inflation

All the talk you hear is simply the Fed pretending to fight inflation…

Peter Schiff with Greg Hunter on USA Watchdog

Money manager and economist Peter Schiff says all the talk you are hearing from the Federal Reserve is simply the Fed “pretending to fight inflation.” Schiff explains, “Everything I predicted with inflation breaking out and the way the Fed would react to it has come true. The next thing is the Fed is now pretending it’s going to fight inflation. I say they are pretending because they have no real intention of doing it because they can’t. If the Fed could fight inflation, it would have started the fight a long time ago. They would have acted preemptively when it was obvious it was a problem. . . . I have been warning about this for over a decade. As the Fed was on this course of deliberately creating inflation, I always said this was going to come back and bite the Fed because they were going to let loose a monster that they were not going to be able to fight, like Frankenstein. The Fed used to say we don’t care if we have too much inflation, we know how to solve it. We have the tools, and I pointed out that they may have the tools, but they ain’t going to use them because it was like having a handgun as the tool for a headache.”

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