TFMR Podcast – Monday, August 22 with Tom Luongo

Rather than a regular podcast, here’s a little something different to start your week.

Most of you know that Tom Luongo is a longtime regular and he has been kicking around this site since the Watchtower days of 2011. And like most of you, Tom is a brilliant analyst who thinks for himself and draws his own conclusions. To that end, he found his own voice several years ago and now offers his insights and perspectives through his own site. Be sure to check it out. You should also follow him on Twitter.

Three weeks ago, Tom hosted yours truly for a podcast at his site. If you missed that discussion, here’s the link:…

The idea was to turn around and record something for TFMR and that’s what we have for you today. And the timing couldn’t be better as the euro melts away, the POSX soars, the equity markets begin to wobble and Jerry soon delivers a key speech at Jackson Hole.

Many thanks to Tom for his time today. I’m confident that you will benefit from giving this podcast a thorough listen.


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