TFMR Podcast – Friday, September 8 – Jim Willie

Our old pal, Jim Willie, stops by for a visit today and this discussion could not be more timely so please be sure to carve out some time over the weekend to have a listen.

Since I’m out this afternoon, this audio will serve as your Friday podcast. I’ll try to stop by the comments section over the weekend to add some information on the CoTs and the weekly charts but this is the only podcast thread.

As mentioned above, this is a very timely discussion and I tried to keep it oriented toward one, primary point….the BRICS and de-dollarization. The Jackass has been all over this story for over a decade and the recent acceleration of events has the attention of both of us.

You need to stay on top of this situation, too, so please take time to listen to this podcast. It’s only about forty minutes or so, therefore you should be able to squeeze it in over the weekend. Why is this so important? Because the slow pace of de-dollarization may soon be rapidly sped up due to the energy crisis in the EU and the long, cold and deadly winter months to come.

Many thanks to Jim for sharing his thoughts with us. Be sure to stop by his website for more information on The Hat Trick Letter and the other services that he provides.

Have a great weekend.


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