Stackers Hope To See Some Rigged Casino Gamblers’ Accounts Blowing-Up And Some Silver “Advocate” Capitulation

Wondering why silver is under $22 half way through 2022?

(by Half Dollar) It’s simple, really.

What do we get when we combine myriad ersatz financial “market” “products” with unlimited money for the Market Riggers’ use in the Rigged Casino?

Well, one thing we get is $22 silver in mid-2022:

Depending on perspective, or positioning, or whatever, silver’s price is neither too hot nor too cold, but painfully just right.

And since there is no shortage of Gamblers to enable the manipulation of silver in the Rigged Casino, hopefully we arrive at Silver “Advocate” capitulation soon.

But I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for it.

You see, when good is actually evil, the timeline also gets warped.

Dang shame…

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