SPECIAL PODCAST: Arthur Halleran, CEO of Trillion Energy

Almost all of our CEO interviews involve leaders in the precious metals sector. However, when Kerry Lutz asked me to consider a natural gas company, I decided to give it a look. I’m glad I did and I think you’ll be glad, too.

The guest today is Art Halleran, the CEO of a natural gas producer called Trillion Energy. As you know, the Ukraine War has led to soaring natural gas prices across Europe and, with Russian supply threatened for the indefinite future, prices are likely to continue higher…and what do you think next winter will bring when demand reaches a seasonal peak?

To that end, Trillion Energy appears uniquely positioned to help with new supply while growing the company and benefiting its shareholders. In this call, you’ll hear Art explain the dynamics of his gas fields offshore Turkey in the Black Sea. He addresses how the gas is extracted, the plans to grow access, the existing infrastructure for delivering the gas and the likelihood of surging revenues and cash flow as the company’s gas production grows.

But, of course, you should never simply take my word for any of this and you must always conduct all of your own personal due diligence, including an assessment of your risk tolerance and time horizons, before considering any sort of investment. To that end, you might start by visiting the company website. Once there, you should be sure to check these links:

You can also research the company through its ticker symbol of “TCF” in Canada and “TRLEF” in the United States. If you do so, you’ll find even more information, such as this helpful article that Kerry authored and posted a few weeks ago.

Many thanks to Art for sharing some of his time to introduce us to his company. I very much look forward to following their progress through 2022 and beyond.


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