SPECIAL PODCAST: An Update on Starr Peak Mining from CEO, Johnathan More

We first introduced you to Starr Peak Mining last August and, like nearly every other mining company, the months since have not been kind to its shares. But sometimes, indiscriminate selling presents opportunity and, with that in mind, it seemed a good idea to take another look at this company.

Before we begin, it might be a good idea to review the podcast from last summer when we first spoke with Johnathon about his company:

And now here’s the thing…The company has made great progress toward its goals of discovering and proving up its polymetallic resources. At the same time, though, nearly all mining stocks have been washed back lower due to the current cycle of interest rate hikes.

Does this create an opportunity to pick up shares “on sale”? Well, that’s up to you to decide and, as always, you must perform all of your own due diligence before making any sort of investment decision.

You can start by checking out the company website. Once there, you might click these links:

Even more information can be found by researching the company through its ticker symbols of “STE” in Canada and “STRPF” in the US.

Thanks again to Johnathon for sharing his time and providing this update. I very much look forward to watching his progress as 2022 progresses.


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