SPECIAL PODCAST: An Update on Altaley Mining from CEO, Ralph Shearing

We first discovered Altaley Mining in October of last year. It’s an interesting company but I didn’t take a position in it back then. However, after this update, I’m ready to pull the trigger.

Let’s start by taking you back to October of 2021. Our first introduction to Altaley came from David Rhodes, who sits on the company’s board of directors. Here’s a link to that podcast if you want to go back and listen:

I didn’t buy any shares back then though I don’t recall why. Since I often have to sell something in order to buy something new, I may just not have had any liquidity. Regardless, I haven’t missed out on much as the share price is pretty much unchanged in the time since.

And that what makes today’s update so interesting…because the company itself has made tremendous progress! Not only is one of their mines fully up and running and producing cash flow, their other mine is nearly ready to roll, too. With the stock hardly budging, it makes me think that perhaps Altaley has been overlooked.

So Ralph stops by today to update us on all of this and I think you’ll find this to be an interesting podcast. However and as usual, do not simply take my interest as a reason to get excited. You must perform all of your own due diligence and assess your personal time horizons and risk tolerance before investing in anything.

As for Altaley Mining, you can start your homework by researching the company at its website and through its ticker symbols of “ATLY” in Canada and “ATLYF” in the United States. Once at Altaley’s website, you might search out these links:

Many thanks to Ralph for carving out some time today to provide this update. I anticipate becoming a shareholder soon and I look forward to watching Altaley grow in 2022 and beyond.


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