Sink Or Swim? Silver Begins Week Under $19, Gold Under $1750

Gold & silver “market” “participants” are hoping someone throws them a lifesaver, even if all they ever get thrown is an anchor…

(by Half Dollar) We’ve supposedly got a “war” going on and the ever-present threat of more war, including that of the nuclear type.


We’ve supposedly got the Federal government spending hundreds of billions of dollars on something more than just cash transfers to their own personal bank accounts.


We’ve supposedly got major civil unrest brewing all around the globe because those pesky peasants just aren’t going to take it anymore.


We’ve supposedly got criminal justice coming to every single one of the individual gold & silver market riggers out there, who were only ever involved in high level spoofing but not in racketeering, you know, and we’ve supposedly got the perma-imminent collapse of the paper gold & silver smashing institutions, which just aren’t going to be able to keep the game going for much longer.


Doesn’t matter.

None of it does.

Because this is gold & silver we’re talking about, and not only are the market riggers pretty good at what they do, but everything that can and will be spun bearish for gold, and especially for silver, will be, honesty and truth be danged.

That is to say, gold & silver are manipulated, and 99% of everybody, which includes 99.999% of all the “investors”, “traders”, and “advocates” out there, are not only just cool with it, but gleefully enable it.

So, um, yeah.

Anything less than bona fide World War Three is bearish for silver because at least it wasn’t World War Three.

Anything less than outright rejection of the US dollar is bearish for silver because hyperinflation is for grumpy doom-n-gloomers.

Anything less than rivers of blood in the streets is bearish for silver because it takes real caloric energy to take to the streets in a meaningful way and and it takes improving morale to keep it going.

Anything less than actual justice along with the real shutdown of gold & silver crushing institutions is bearish for silver because it’s not so much that people don’t care, but people are not willing or able to go beyond the point of caring to actually doing something about it.

And no, i’m not talking about “waking people up”, either.

I mean, according to my calculation, the Internet peaked in 2016 and is quickly becoming less and less of a tool for budding astute learners and newfound critical thinkers, so from here on out, disregarding the fact that most people are incapable of being woken up anyway, it’s not really possible to wake anybody else up.

Besides, it’s not about waking people up anymore, for that’s just what the cowards, the wussies, the “truth” “tellers”, and the people who will only go so far as to pay lip service say, for it’s really about clicks and views.

So here we are, once again, and everybody knows ‘Ol Half Dollar’s call:

It’s not so much a call that’s based on the fundamentals or the technicals as those aren’t what really have been moving the markets lately.

It’s a call that’s based on common sense, if that’s even a thing, or if that’s even a thing that I have, or whatever.

It’s a call that’s based on the fact that most people who use the word “silver” are Fakes, Frauds, Phonies and Worse.

There is something that can be done, however, which is the only thing that could ever be done: Starve the Beast.

There is no other way…

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