Silver “Advocates”, Or Sleazy Opportunists? SILVER IS IN A BEAR MARKET Since The So-Called “Silver Squeeze” Began

What do you get when you combine paid shills and subscription newsletter & website pushers with the silver market?

(by Half Dollar) You get the continued manipulation of silver.

That’s what you get.

Of course, nobody will dare talk to ‘Ol Half Dollar about this because, well, let’s face it: People get paid to spread lies instead of speak the truth.

You see, there’s no money in the truth, and most people don’t like to work for free even if they’re just fine with being slaves to the system.

But it’s more than that.

Indeed, the Brainwashed Masses aren’t that capable of being de-programmed.

The Walmart Zombies can’t unturn.

And the Sheeple are just sheep, which will never get it, for sheep are meant to be sheered or slaughtered.

So here we are, with silver under $20 in the Summer of 2022.

Now, for the purposes of public service, which I’m not really sure why I even care anymore, I’d like to bring up this little blast from the past:

Because people are still being lied to and misled.

Naturally, I saw through it on day one.

Regardless, I’d also like to point out one of the achievements of the so-called “Silver Squeeze”:

In Chart Hugger terms, that’s what we call a “bear market”.

I don’t care about clicks & views, and I am not enabling the manipulation of silver for a quick buck.

I don’t care about popularity or blue check marks, and I am not pushing a paid subscription service.

I care about my family & friends, the US Constitution, freedom & liberty, silver and Joe Deplorable.

And I know what I’m fighting for.

Starve the Beast…

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