SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT: On Gold & Silver Manipulation

Even if people were open to analysis, most would continue to believe in precious metals manipulation…

 by Steve St Angelo of SRSrocco Report

With the continued focus on precious metals manipulation, I decided it was a good idea to provide my CONNECT THE DOT analysis on this subject matter.  While most analysts and investors in the precious metals community focus a lot of their efforts on the “COMEX” and “Manipulation,” I believe we have much bigger problems ahead that deserve our attention.

However, even if people were open to my analysis, most would continue to believe in precious metals manipulation.  I still receive a lot of emails, questions, and social media replies suggesting, “STEVE… you just don’t get it… LOL.”  Believe me you; I GET IT.  

The biggest proponent of Silver Market Manipulation is Ted Butler.  Interestingly, I can thank Ted Butler’s early analysis that finally forced me to buy my first 100 oz silver bars at $4.52 an ounce back in 2002.  Even up until 5-7 years ago, I continued to go along with the Manipulation Mantra, but no longer.  Why?  When I moved my focus to Energy and read a great deal of work from Keith Weiner on the trading mechanism behind gold and silver, I realized it was all BIG RED HERRING.

I now focus most of my time on how ENERGY will change everything, especially the value of most assets and the metals.  But, this won’t be due to anything the Central Banks DO or DON’T DO, but rather… the ENERGY CLIFF.

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