Real Time, Real World Inflation Report: Coke (Coca-Cola) Price Just Hiked By 31.5%, Silver Flat

Don’t let this week’s official U.S. government “report” fool you, for inflation…

(by Half Dollar) The last time I purchased Coca-Cola, I paid less than thirteen bucks.

In fact, I paid $12.69:

Indeed, I generally find that the King of Scamflation has better prices on Coke than Walmart.

Although I must admit, yesterday I had so much sticker shock that I just had to take a picture:

I was mentally preparing to pay more, and I was financially preparing to pay more as well, but I must admit, I wasn’t really preparing to get sucker-punched in the gut.

A nearly 32% price hike?


Pro Tip: Any Coke drinkers reading this with lagging Coke prices in their area may want to do something about that right now, and by “do something”, I mean, “stock up”, because Coke drinkers aren’t really fans of participating in the so-called “substitution effect”, and by “right now”, I mean, like, “yesterday”.

You see, people generally try to maintain if not improve their standard of living, not reduce it, although pretty soon, for most people, it won’t really even be a choice, for this is US dollar hyperinflation after all.

Meanwhile, curiously, silver remains under $20:

All things considered, I suppose we could call the silver price “flat”.

I mention this, especially the price of Coca-Cola, because the government’s official inflation report is being released this week, and for those people who don’t know, or don’t understand, well, the official report is pretty darn evil.

I also mention this to say that if you’re not producing income in your backyard, pun and no pun intended, then you’re doing it wrong:

Among other things, including better nutrition and taste, growing your own food is also one way of Starving the Beast.

There are many ways to Starve the Beast:

There is only one way to end the manipulation of silver.

Regardless, if it is not clear already:

The definition of “everyone” does not include Joe Deplorable.

And despite what this week’s inflation report claims, or what any given politician claims, prepare for more frequent and harder-hitting sucker punches:

Who’d like to buy the world a Coke?

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