Real Estate Carnage, World Currency Crisis On Our Doorstep, And A Surge In Gold & Silver Prices

Now more than ever before, Gold is the go-to and must-have asset!

by David Morgan of The Morgan Report

Real Estate Carnage and World Currency Crisis On Our Doorstep |

In this latest interview, Brian and Darryl Panes from As Good As Gold Australia interview David Morgan from The Morgan Report and Advisor to AGAGA.

Inflation is engulfing the world, creating the perfect environment for a surge in the price of precious metals. So why is this not materializing? David sums it up as only he can.

The printing of new currency is the cause of inflation. Rising prices around the world are all due to printing. The US has increased the supply of US dollars by 40% in 2 years.
Are we looking at another Weimer Republic?

Australian residential land value to GDP ratio is now higher than Japan’s at the height of the 1989 bubble when we saw property prices drop around 70%.

During Japan’s property bubble, the ratio of residential land value to GDP hit a record of more than 330%. Australia has just beaten that record. The Japanese real estate bubble began to burst at the end of 1989 when the bank of Japan started to sharply raise interest rates in attempt to curb runaway prices.

Asset prices subsequently crashed, leading to a period of economic stagnation from 1991 to 2001 – the lost decade. Are the US and Australian real estate markets about to emulate the Japanese disaster?

Now more than ever before, Gold is the go-to and must-have asset!

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