Price Stability Achieved! Gold & Silver SPIKE As Consumer Price Inflation Is Unchanged Over The Last Month!


(by Half Dollar) Recall that it has been one month since the release of the fake, and then the not fake, official inflation report.

And if that last “report” wasn’t some of the finest performance in World Wide WrestleManiaFest to date, the July 2022 CPI is giving the June report a run for the money.

Indeed, according to the BLS, in July of 2022:

Prices are up 0.00% from last month.
Prices are up 8.5% over the last 12 months.

Enjoy the stable prices, America!

Shameless Plug Time: Regardless of the super-duper job the Fed and the Feds are doing in kicking inflation in the butt, it might be best to learn to garden while it’s still a choice.

Because pretty soon it won’t really be a choice.

I mean, it’s not rocket science.

It’s US dollar hyperinflation.

Gold & silver spiked on the inflation “news”:

Apparently, the price stability hedge is the new inflation hedge.

Of course, everybody knows ‘Ol Half Dollar’s call.

Starve the Beast…

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