Piaget 2022 Extraordinary Lights High Jewellery Exhibition in Singapore | SENATUS Magazine

By Tricia Oliviera

Piaget will be exhibiting its Extraordinary Lights High Jewellery Exhibition at the Singapore Wine Vault from Tuesday 17 May to Friday 20 May for the first time in South-east Asia. Step into the light and experience an enchanted world filled with wonder and ethereal beauty, resplendent with the radiance of Piaget’s exquisite gems and jewels.

Divided into three chapters – Festive Lights, Magical Lights and Infinite Lights, this exhibition will showcase more than 18 one-of-a-kind high jewellery pieces from this collection, amounting to a total value of more than 18 million Singapore dollars. Through the keen eyes and delicate hands of Piaget’s master artisans, the intricate observation of nature is interpreted through the intriguing play of light, and transformed into magnificent works of jewellery art.

One of the highlights would be the legendary Extraordinary Lights necklace, festooned with a stunning 8.8 carat cushion-cut fancy vivid yellow diamond, 3.61 carat pear-shaped red spinel on the front, and an equally breathtaking 5.34 carat pear-shaped Ceylon sapphire at the back. Valued at close to 3.6 million Singapore dollars, this glorious creation is further set with a plethora of smaller yellow diamonds, white diamonds, sapphires, red spinels and spessarite garnets. This necklace was also made to be transformable 9 ways with its unique design. 3 earrings and 1 yellow diamond ring complete this unique astounding jewellery set.

Another spectacular gem-set work of art that will be on display, is the Magical Aurora necklace. Inspired by the spellbinding Northern Lights, it is valued nearly 3.3 million Singapore dollars, and features an extremely rare and hefty 16.84-carat Colombian emerald, surrounded by 7 marquise-cut Colombian emeralds and 195 baguette and brilliant cut diamonds.

This necklace took Piaget’s high jewellery experts more than 2 years to complete their search for the exceptional emeralds for this astounding beauty, which is just as phenomenal as the aurora borealis itself. This one and only jewellery set is completed with a matching pair of earrings with a unique pair of ultra-clear Colombian emeralds.

Made to amaze and capture the hearts of its audience, the Piaget Extraordinary Lights high jewellery collection proves yet again that Piaget is unparalleled as a true innovator and daring creator, which has the power to transform precious metals and rare gemstones into incredible works of art through its unrivaled craftsmanship and distinctive design aesthetics.

Apart from the Extraordinary Lights collection, the exhibition will also feature more than 60 other Piaget creations exclusively curated for these 4 days.

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