Not Helpful But Disgraceful & PATHETIC: Now An Influential GAMBLER In The RIGGED CASINO Wants You To Write A Letter (For The Gazillionth Time) To Fight SILVER Manipulation

There’s only one way to end the manipulation, and it’ll NEVER happen so long as Silver “Advocates” gamble in the Rigged Casino and encourage others to do the same…

(by Half Dollar) Oh good grief.

Here we go again.

Remember the time not too long ago when that one Silver “Advocate” got a bunch of money for his pockets from a GoFundMe campaign to fight silver manipulation when really he most likely just placed some deep out-of-the-money options bets on triple-levered ETFs that went against him?

No, not that guy.

The other one.

I remember.

His name is…

No, wait, that’s the wrong Gambler I’m writing about today.

I’m writing about yet a different Gambler in today’s article.

My bad.

You see, these things make me throw-up a little bit in my mouth, so please forgive me as I try to savor these moments as little as possible.

Regardless, apparently, this guy, a Gambler in the Rigged Casino in Silver Advocate’s Clothing, who “trades” SLV on a regular basis and encourages you to do the same, now wants everybody to write a letter to the CFTC to end the manipulation of silver.


There is so much I have to say to and about so many things and so many people when it comes to the gold & silver “markets”.

Indeed, those people fear the day I get kicked off of Silver Doctors, because that day, I will shed my skin.

Of course, this most recent Call to Nothing pseudo-virtue signaling reminds me of every single goldfish that I ever put into our water turtle’s tank.

Indeed, no matter what the goldfish does, it’s futile:

The turtle aways wins.


And by “winning”, I mean, well, just put a goldfish in a water turtle’s tank and see what happens.

It’s not pretty.

There is only one way to end the manipulation of silver.

Starve the Beast…

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