No Fed Pivot? More Rate Hikes Plus Strong US Dollar Equals More Large Bailouts Needed?

The Fed will not pivot until at least early 2023?

Jim Rickards with Jason Burack of Wall St For Main St 

During this 40+ minute interview Jim Rickards talks about how the Fed will not pivot in his opinion until at least early 2023 and how a lot more rate hikes are coming in November and December 2022.

This will most likely cause a stronger US Dollar and more damage to emerging markets and other large financial entities, like pension funds, who will probably need large scale bailouts.

Jim talks about margin calls in the OTC derivatives market and past bailouts that the US government, US Treasury, Fed and ESF have orchestrated behind the scenes.

Jim expects central banks to continue to be large net buyers of gold as they no longer trust the US government and want to hedge against future US Dollar devaluations.

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