Metals Primed To Move And Miners All Oversold While The Fed Nukes The Economy

Now is likely a good time to accumulate the miners, and silver may have more upside than…

Cliff from The Liberty Offensive on Palisades Gold Radio

Tom welcomes Cliff from the Liberty Offensive channel. Cliff discusses why the ideas of Liberty only work when most people agree. Many people don’t even agree on the meaning of terms like Liberty. The way to keep your liberties is to use them to their full extent. A free man needs to defend their beliefs because these are key to their worldview. You should be living it and demonstrating its importance to others, not unlike a religious belief. If you want liberty to spread, you have to tell others. Others need to become inspired by ideas. Liberty minded folks should impress upon others the importance of freedom and provide inspiration. Too many people have become complacent, and we must change our approach.

Cliff notes the miners are all oversold and now is likely a good time to accumulate. Silver may have more upside than uranium. Uranium is showing signs of weakness and a pullback is possible.


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