Metals, Markets and Money: Where To Turn For Positive Outlook Right Now

Have you noticed how it feels like everything is crumbling around us?

Jim Rogers and Patrick Karim with Dave Russell on GoldCore TV

Have you noticed how it feels like everything is crumbling around us? From equities markets, to food shortages, to climate disasters through to gas prices, it’s difficult to know where to turn to for a positive outlook, right now.

The Floor is Lava, and this is the focus of this episode of #TheM3Report. We don’t claim to be able to stop the floor from burning up around you but we can certainly navigate you to safer ground.

The GoldCore team takes a look at some of the major features of the ongoing economic, social and environmental problems we are currently experiencing. We discuss the impact of sanctions on Russia and ask if Putin even cares, whilst the rest of the world pays a heavy price. We also look at the growing political divide and wonder where those left in the middle are expected to turn to, and finally look out for a certain Game of Thrones’ star’s tweet which couldn’t better frame the high risk strategy being carried out by politicians and policymakers.

We are delighted to welcome #JimRogers for his first appearance on The M3 Report. He shares his thoughts on the worst bear market of his lifetime and his perspective on Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

Also, we are really excited to welcome #PatrickKarim of He speaks to GoldCore’s Dave Russell about some of his key charts, today.

And finally, do not miss the Silver Bullets. After our interview with Jim Rogers, we decided to ask him some slightly off-script questions. Stick around for these, and his answers, at the end of the show!


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