Metals, Markets And Money: The Power Of Perception And The Art Of Misdirection

How do policy makers in government and central banking attempt to manipulate our perception, and what to look out for in gold & silver?

by Dave Russell of GoldCore TV (with Jim Rickards and Gareth Soloway)

Everyone wants to know about Jim Rickards’ investments or watch Gareth Soloway’s technical analysis, well we’re bringing BOTH of them to you in the same show! Featuring exclusives from our #JimRickards interview and Chart Watch with #GarethSoloway, the first episode of GoldCore’s The M3 Report is a must-watch for anyone interested in Metals, Markets and More.

In Episode One of #TheM3Report GoldCore’s Dave Russell talks about the power of Perception and the art of misdirection in metals, markets and more.

We talk about The Wizard of Oz or more accurately “Perception” and how the policy makers in government or our own central banks continuously attempt to manipulate our perception and not always in our best interest.

In Chart Watch Gareth Soloway, In the Money author and all round chart expert, brings his take on what’s been going on and what to look out for in gold, silver and the broader markets.


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