Jaguar Transit announces distribution agreement for its high value goods transit solution with AgaDigital, Turkey

ISTANBUL, Sept. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On the back of successful negotiations that began at the beginning of this year, after an introduction made by Enterprise Singapore, Jaguar Transit has today announced a distribution agreement with AgaDigital – a company based in Turkey to provide an alternative secured logistic service solution for the precious metals industry.

Japhire Gopi, Founder and CEO of JA Secure, said, “AgaDigital is one of the regions fastest growing and respected technology retail platform of investment products including gold and silver, and makes an ideal addition to our list of distribution partners. The company is well placed to supply a wide variety of opportunities for both parties, and we are very excited to see our innovative solution will now be available in Turkey. AgaDigital can provide the very best service to our customers in there and are an ideal partner to drive growth as we expand our presence beyond the ASEAN region in 2022″. 

Turkey is a large vibrant market with great potential and a strategically important market for us. Jaguar Transit’s Insurtech solution solves a growing security issue with robberies by armed thieves who specifically target the transit of gold and high value goods and cargo in Turkey“, Mr. Gopi continued.

Pelin Tarhanacı, CEO of AgaDigital stated “We have been delivering gold through our digital platform to more than 81 cities in Turkey; we expect this demand to continue due to Turkey’s deep cultural heritage. However, the operational and risk costs of transporting valuables are a real challenge that one and all can overcome with Jaguar Transit.

Jaguar Transit is an innovative company operating in the InsurTech industry. We believe that it will provide an opportunity to make the most out of gold, jewelry, and other high-value goods market in Turkey.”


Founded in 2019, and headquartered in Singapore, JA Secure Pte Ltd owns Jaguar Transit InsurTech solution. Jaguar Transit is the first one-stop, high-value transit solution combining pay per use, on-demand insurance with our proprietary bad-guy-proof security bags, Insurtech technology enabling trips managed start to finish, from smartphone apps, and optional secure delivery service.

With a strong presence in the ASEAN region and beyond, and global leading-edge expertise and technology in niche areas of the Insurtech segments, they have solidified their position as the new benchmark for an industry. Jaguar Transit offers the world’s only all-in-one solution for the secure and economical transit of high value goods, cargo, and cash in transit.


AgaDigital offers a one-stop full-cycle solution for the supply of innovative and internationally accredited precious metals investment products and digital solutions.

AgaDigital understands the importance of quality, convenience, and security. The company is a single source technology solution partner to the financial, jewelry and precious metals industry for the secure transit and delivery of gold and high-value goods, and for the distributions of such goods

AgaDigital is a part of DD Holding A.S. with offices in Amsterdam, İstanbul and Dubai, together with its affiliates, the group operates in; mining, commercial hedging, physical commodities, central bank services and technology.

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