Is A Dead Queen Good For Silver? (Or, Can Venezuela Have Its Gold Back Now?)

Was she a “Quino”, a “Queen In Name Only”?

(by Half Dollar) Can Venezuela have its gold back now?


Just kidding.

I mean, you can’t get your gold back if it doesn’t exist!

That said, surely people must be asking themselves, “is this latest news bullish for gold & silver”?

And I’m not asking that in a “should I go out and buy the sure-to-be-released commemorative coin?” kind of way, but rather, in a “what does this latest news mean for the continued manipulation of gold & silver?” kind of way.

Honestly, I don’t think it means much.

That is to say, many people considered her a “Queen in name only”, and whether that is or is not true is not the issue, but rather, the issue is that silver market manipulation is above one single person.

Sure, there are individual actors with varying degrees of influence and power, but when we get right down to it, unless we Starve the Beast, the struggle will never end.

Like, you know how we’ve got the “War on Terror”, or you know how we’ve got the “War on _______ (Insert Something That Can Never Be Defeated Here)”?

Um, yeah.

Kinda like that.

Besides, it’s not really this news that one should chew on.

Naturally, she was old and soon-to-die anyway, and regardless of how the mainstream propagandists spin it, many people believe the world is now a less evil place with her no longer in it, but that is where I would have caution, because it’s not so much the coverage of her death as it is whatever evil people are loading into the chute whilst using this convenient distraction.

In other words, watch your six.

And you flank.


God save the Queen?

Tecumseh is dancing in his grave…

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