INFLATION ALERT: Walmart Just Raised The Price Of Bread By 47%, And No More Free School Lunches For All

So much for July’s price stability, just as school begins in The Land of the Free…

(by Half Dollar) The last time I purchased my favorite bread from Walmart at the sweet price of $1.00 was on July 27.

I’m pretty sure the bread used to be larger too, as in 16 ounces, so it’s understandable that shrinkflation came first:

One-dollar loaves of delicious, versatile bread are one of those staple foods in our house that are simultaneously on the counter and in the freezer.

Although now, the luxury of authentic, oven baked “French” goodness will come at a higher cost.

A much, much higher cost:

According to my math, that’s like an increase of 47% from just a few weeks ago.


Perhaps we can just eat cake?

Regardless, the entire country has basically been on a Free School Lunch program since the Zombie Apocalypse began, but this is no longer the case, and school starts in many places around the country this very week.

Indeed, here’s an email from our particular school district on the matter (yellow highlight added for emphasis):

Said differently, if you’re not a Welfare Queen, or “poor”, or whatever, with two kids in high school, lunch just went from “free” to $140 per month.

Additionally, I have this sneaky suspicion that since Uncle Sam is no longer picking up the tab across the board, the quality of the lunches is going to decline as well.

Shameless Plug Time: It takes a lot of time to learn how to grow food in a meaningful way.

It’s probably best to start sooner rather than during the hunger pangs.

Gold & silver have been worked lower overnight:

Not to worry, however, because according to all of the gold & silver “Advocates” out there, the precious metals have bottomed!

Sorry, did I miss the capitulation?

Starve the Beast…

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