Hyperinflation Imminent? The End Of The Dollar Approaches, Perfect Storm For Great Reset

The shift over to the Great Reset is approaching fast…

by Josh Sigurdson via World Alternative Media

Josh Sigurdson reports on the collapse of the dollar as the world reserve currency as we approach a hyperinflationary event for the history books.
Millions are losing their jobs. Thousands of businesses are going under due in part to energy prices and inflation. Then the government prints more money to lower energy prices which only cause more inflation. At the same time, the government takes victory laps claiming the economy is great as it collapses.
The shift over to the Great Reset is approaching fast as the dollar faces the loss of reserve status, the Euro collapses, the supply chain collapses by design and the energy grid craters.
In this video, we break down this clear and present danger and why they’re purposely collapsing the economy to move into the new basket of currencies at BRICS headed by China and Russia.

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