How Long Will Inflation Last 2022

The inflationary cycle is going to last for 30 long years?

Charles Nenner with Dave Russell on GoldCore TV

What if we told you that you could predict the future? Dave Russell of GoldCore TV welcomes Dr. Charles Nenner, founder of #CharlesNenner Research Center who certainly believes this is the case when it comes to future market events.

He hasn’t got a crystal ball, instead, he has nearly 300 years of historical analysis and models that have led him to the conclusion that markets operate in clear, predictable cycles. For Dr. Nenner there is little point in trying to explain why something happened because it did happen and it will happen again.

Using a unique system of cycle analysis and pattern recognition Charles and his team can accurately predict moves in any asset class. He discussed #inflation, interest rates, and his stock market predictions based on his highly respected #TechnicalAnalysis. Not one to be missed. He believes that the inflationary cycle is going to last for 30 long years!

We’re curious; once you’ve watched the interview please let us know afterward if it has changed how you will look at market commentary and the news cycle.


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