Gold & Silver Summer Of Pain (Or Buying) Over As We Wait For The Next Big Thing?

If they don’t give us the next big thing right out of the gate, there’s always the old standby come Wednesday…

(by Half Dollar) It feels like they’re just throwing everything against the wall and seeing what sticks.

Doesn’t it?

For example, we’ve had a few geo-political splatterings here and there, but obviously nobody is really buying the whole “here comes war with _______ (insert your favorite Conflict du Jour here)” talk.

Indeed, it is one Great Big Deep State Globalist Club, where bitter rivals and heated enemies enjoy drinks and dancing at the After Party which immediately follows the Dog-n-Pony Show.

We’ve also had the Federal government supposedly getting ready for another massive spending spree, but obviously nobody is really holding his or her breath for anything to actually get done, with the exception of perhaps the creation of a few new problems and a refilling of the cookie jar.

Joe Deplorable, of course, isn’t allowed to eat any.

He can wash the jar when it’s ready to get refilled again, however, so at least he can kind-of participate.

I mean, Deep State Globalists hate it when they get crumbs on their hands, you know!

Now, along with all of the major retailers at the mall for some reason, the mainstream media is desperate for a new Greatest Hit, and at this point, I’m pretty sure they’d even take a One Hit Wonder, so we’ve got a bunch of minor issues percolating under the surface, most of which circle back to that lame, time-tested Divide & Conquer Song, but obviously nobody is really preoccupied with what is happening in far away towns, cities and states when everybody is just trying to keep their heads above water.

So here we are, in a state of transition, only, since they’ve successfully killed off the True Alternative Media, and no, I’m not talking about no stinkin’ Sell Out Fat Guy either, but the Real Alternative Media, it’s hard to see and even harder to care about what’s coming next when the Circus Side Show isn’t part of the circus anymore.

Like, do you even understand lore, bro?

But hey, we’ve got the Most Important Inflation Report, Ever, coming out on Wednesday, so if all else fails, or if nothing else seems to stick, at least we can blame Straight White Family Men for all of our problems in America, which, when pertaining to price inflation, could be summed up as currently somewhere in between experimenting with mesquite grilled spamburgers under the guise of trendiness to adding canned wet cat food to tuna noodle casserole to make it stretch further.

Shameless Plug Time: If you’re not growing, figuratively, or financially, or literally, or whatever, you’re doing it wrong:

Besides, homegrown tomatoes can make a backyard burger go from interesting to spamtastic!

And whatever happened to the smell of meat grilling somewhere in the neighborhood, anyway?


Probably nothing.

Other than the fact that households have cut their budgets for charcoal or propane.

You see, it’s not so much a question of how to cook it, but how to eat?

Finally, apparently a billionaire is buyin’ up all the silver:

It’s just like the so-called “Silver Squeeze”, only, with less Wolverines and more Rambo!

Here’s the Billion Dollar Question: Is the pain in gold and silver, or the buying, over?


That was a trick question.

And it was rhetorical.


Starve the Beast…

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