Gold & Silver Price Action: Where To Expect Prices Going From Here

Silver is the most undervalued asset right now?

Gregory Mannarino with Dave Russell on GoldCore TV

Gregory Mannarino, aka The Robin Hood of Wall Street, joins Dave Russell on GoldCore TV. This is our first time welcoming Gregory onto the show and it was great to have him on. His YouTube channel has amassed a whopping 78 million views and we think that’s probably down to his no-holds-barred approach to talking about the economy and markets.

In this short conversation Dave and Gregory discuss why the mainstream financial media aren’t discussing how bad things really are, why the Fed isn’t really trying to control inflation, why silver is the most undervalued asset right now and Greg’s MMRI ratio…and much more!

If you want to hear more from Gregory then see the link below. And whilst you’re there let us know what you thought about the topics Dave and Gregory discussed. What do you think of the current narrative we hear from policy makers and central banks? Do you think the Fed will continue to hike rates? And what about gold and silver, where do you expect to see prices go from here?


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