Gold & Silver Face More Noisy Lies & Propaganda (a.k.a. “The News”) And Tons Of Useless Armchair Quarterbacking Since The Fed Is Zipped-Lips

Regardless of “price” “action”, the bullish build-up in gold & silver “market” “participants” most likely continues, however…

(by Half Dollar) This is gold & silver we’re talking about, and therein lies the problem.

I mean, when all of the lies & propaganda are bullish for gold & silver, the question becomes, “how does vile evil continue to pound honest goodness”?

In my opinion, the answer is found in “liquidity”, or “the need for cash”, or “emergency savings”, or “whatever you want to call it”.

That is to say, a while back, I remember saying instead of seeing Silver Squeeze 2.0, we are more likely to see Silver Flood 1.0, and I think we’re getting close to that point.

Now sure, the few Advocates out there, like all two or three of them, will talk about the insane premiums on physical silver compared to the corrupt, fraudulent generally-accepted pricing structure, but everybody agrees that nothing goes up forever, and that must also include premiums, must it not?

Here’s the thing: It should be obvious by now that they want to destroy Joe Deplorable, especially financially, because he’s the reason for all of the pain and suffering in the world, you know, and what better way to destroy Joe than to force him to deplete his real savings?

Therefore, is it a pity, is it pathetic, or is it a dang shame for all of those people who bought Silver Eagles for $40 each over the last couple of years, but now those very same people have fallen upon hard times and need some cash, yet those very same people can only sell their Eagles for about $28 each?

There’s a saying for similarly crappy, no-win situations in the Army: “Thank your recruiter”.

Moreover, there are plenty of bail-outs for governments, “elected” “leaders” and “public” “servants”, there are plenty of bail-outs for Broke Boomer, Penniless Pensioner and Welfare Queen, and there are plenty of bail-outs for banks, Wall Street and corporations, but there will be no bail-out for Joe, with perhaps the exception of a couple of sick “day late, dollar short” jokes, so Joe is on his own, so to say, relying solely on himself, his family, his friends, his community, if that’s even still a thing anymore, and maybe most importantly, depending on circumstance, Joe is relying solely on his humble stack of silver.

You see, gold & silver are money, and I’ve said this before, but it is important, and since there are still a crapton of people out there who spew the “we haven’t had inflation in 40 years” lie, it bears repeating: The last time I checked, everything costs a whole lot more.

Although let’s not get it twisted: That’s not a bug, it’s a feature:

Additionally, most of the people must lose most of the time.

That’s just how it goes.


Brainwashed Masses, Walmart Zombies and Sheeple, everywhere.

Of course, silver is the real power of the people, so this is going to be especially painful for all of those so-called “Silver Apes” who have been constantly and consistently led astray and manipulated by the Fakes, Frauds, Phonies and Worse.

Indeed, Economic Freedom and Financial Liberty had never been so close for so many.

Just as Economic Misery & Financial Ruin are sweeping in and settling across the land…

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