“Gold/silver COT as bullish as I’ve ever seen”

Does this mean that the selloff is over?

by Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics via Arcadia Economics

Throughout the recent gold and silver selloff, one standout feature has been that the banks continue to buy back futures contracts.

Does this mean that the selloff is over?

Unfortunately that’s impossible to know in advance. But the positioning change has been substantial enough that analyst and Arcadia guest host Dave Kranzler feels it’s the most bullish setup he’s yet seen.

Which he talks about in this week’s report, along with how the mortgage sector continues to struggle, which can’t be welcomed news for the Federal Reserve.

It’s certainly a chaotic time in the financial markets, and there’s a degree to which we’ve entered unchartered territory. But to have some insight into where things stand, and what might be coming next, click to watch this video now!


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