Gold & Silver Close To Bottoming, New Bull Market In Under 12 Months?

The Fed will reverse the rate hikes in the near future and be forced to…

Steve Penny with Jason Burack of Wall St For Main St

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed founder of Silver Chartist, Steve Penny

Steve runs the Silver Chartist Pro investing and trading service that covers gold, silver, uranium, copper and battery metals.

During this 30+ minutes interview, Jason asks Steve Penny about his thoughts on the current global macro situation and what else the Fed can do?

Steve thinks that the Fed will reverse the rate hikes in the near future and be forced to buy more US Treasuries in the next few months.

Steve also talks about gold and silver prices and how he is accumulating more of his favorite gold stocks on dips.

Steve is also very bullish on uranium miners over the next few years.

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