Gold in 2023 Will Be Driven by Real Rates

What indicator should gold & silver watchers be on the lookout for?

Mike Singleton with with Dave Russell on GoldCore TV

A Fed pivot is to be expected in 2023, according to today’s guest Mike Singleton. Mike is Senior Analyst at Invictus Research and joins us for the first time, here on GoldCore TV.
In his chat with our host Dave Russell, Mike gives us his thoughts on inflation, the US Dollar and what the future holds for gold and silver prices. You’ll hear why Mike thinks that real rates are the key for us to look out for to understand when the Fed pivot will occur. And you’ll also hear Mike’s explanation of what indicator gold and silver watchers should be on the lookout for.
This is a nice short interview, but we pack a lot in and by the end of it you’ll be looking for another excuse to extend your coffee break. So, if you have any thoughts or comments then why not take the time to put them in the comments below and subscribe to GoldCore TV whilst you’re at it?


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