Gold Falls Into The Low $1630s As Traders And Investors Hope Foreign Currency Chaos And Thermo-Nuclear Armageddon Help Establish A Price Floor

Silver, however, “is holding up very well and may be showing signs that the precious metals have bottomed”, they say…

(by Half Dollar) This wasn’t supposed to happen!

I mean, they said gold put in a bottom at $1680, and then they said gold put in a bottom at $1680 again.

Although one look at the gold chart says a different story:

And that story says gold is down over 21% since early March, and we all know what that means.

That is, unless they’ve changed the definition of “bear market”.

Oh well.

Woe to the Gamblers.

At least China and Russia are coming to save them.

But I digress.

The Chart Huggers are quick to point out the obvious in that silver has outperformed gold recently:

So, like, silver gets a free pass, huh?


Hold on.

What’s that?

What are they doing over there at the woodshed?


Probably nothing.

Restocking it with firewood, I suppose.

It’s about to get brutally cold out there.

And we’ve only just started the Fall…

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