Gold-backed Ruble set to go away PetroDollar behind

Russia’s backing to the ruble has offered assist to the gold market…

Bill Holter with Chris Marcus on Arcadia Economics

Regardless of #WallStreet pricing in 200 foundation factors of rate of interest will increase earlier than the tip of 2022, the gold value continues to flirt with $2000 per ounce. Largely due to the developments in #Russia, the place their quasi-gold-backing to the ruble has offered assist to the gold market.

Which isn’t the best scenario to reconcile. Though luckily Invoice Holter of JS Mineset joined me on the present to elucidate what’s occurring, what to be careful for, and what he’s anticipating subsequent.

So to search out out the newest developments with the Ruble, the gold and #silver markets, and the petro-dollar, click on to look at the video now!


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