Gasoline Shortages Coming To The US In Less Than 6 Months? Oil Supply Problems To Worsen?

Expect a new normal of much higher prices?

Josh Young with Jason Burack of Wall St For Main St

Josh Young is the Chief Investment Officer & Founder of Bison Interests. Bison Interests is an investment firm focused on publicly traded oil and natural gas companies.

During this 50+ minute interview, Jason asks Josh about capex and supply side problems from OPEC and OPEC Plus oil producers along with a new normal of rising drilling and production costs and shortages of materials, equipment and personnel in oil services to grow US domestic oil supply.

Josh expects a new normal of much higher oil prices for years to come (although a stock market crash could temporarily cause a crash in oil but it would not last for long in his opinion) and Josh also sees gasoline shortages coming to the US in under 6 months in addition to diesel prices staying high for another few months.

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