Profitect: On May 31, 2019, the Company acquired Profitect, Inc.
(“Profitect”). Profitect is a provider of prescriptive analytics software primarily serving the retail industry. Through this acquisition, the Company enhanced its existing software solutions within the retail industry by combining
Profitect’s platform with its existing software solutions and EVM products.

Temptime: On February 21, 2019, the Company
acquired Temptime Corporation (“Temptime”). Temptime is a developer and manufacturer of temperature-monitoring labels and devices. Through this acquisition, the Company expanded its product offerings within the healthcare industry, with
possible future applications in other industries involving temperature-sensitive products.

Xplore: On August 14, 2018, the Company
acquired all outstanding equity interests of Xplore Technologies Corporation (“Xplore”). The Xplore business designs, integrates, markets and sells rugged tablets that are primarily used by industrial, government, and field service
organizations. The acquisition of Xplore is intended to expand the Company’s portfolio of mobile computing devices to serve a wider range of customers.

Enterprise Business: In October of 2014, Zebra acquired the Enterprise business (“Enterprise”) from Motorola Solutions, Inc.
(“MSI”), excluding its iDEN, or Integrated Digital Enhanced Network Business. The Enterprise products include rugged and enterprise-grade mobile computers, barcode scanners and RFID readers, WLAN solutions, and accessories, software and
services that are associated with these products.


Our operations consist of two reportable segments that provide complementary offerings to our customers: Asset Intelligence & Tracking
(“AIT”), which includes barcode and card printing, supplies, services, and location solutions; and Enterprise Visibility & Mobility (“EVM”), which includes mobile computing, data capture, RFID, fixed industrial scanning
and machine vision, services and workflow optimization solutions.

Asset Intelligence & Tracking

Barcode and Card Printing: We design, manufacture, and sell printers, which produce high-quality labels, wristbands, tickets, receipts,
and plastic cards on demand. Our customers use our printers in a wide range of applications, including routing and tracking, patient safety, transaction processing, personal identification, and product authentication. These applications require high
levels of data accuracy, speed, and reliability. They also include specialty printing for receipts and tickets for improved customer service and productivity gains.

Our printers use thermal printing technology, which creates images by heating certain pixels of an electrical printhead to selectively image a ribbon or
heat-sensitive substrate. Our printers integrate company-designed mechanisms, electrical systems, and firmware that supports serial, parallel, Ethernet, USB, Bluetooth, or 802.11 wireless communications with appropriate security protocols.
Enclosures of metal or high-impact plastic help ensure durability of our printers.

We also provide
dye-sublimination thermal card printers that produce high quality images and are used for secure, reliable personal identification (e.g. state identification cards, drivers’ licenses, and healthcare
identification cards), access control (e.g. employee or student building access), and financial transactions (e.g. credit, debit and ATM cards). Additionally, we provide RFID printers that encode data into passive RFID transponders embedded in a
label or card. We offer a wide range of accessories and options for our printers, including vehicle mounts and battery chargers.



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