Farmers DESPERATE As Supply Chain Collapses! This Is An EMERGENCY, Prepare Now!

As farmers desperately plea for understanding, dealing with this controlled collapse…

by Josh Sigurdson via World Alternative Media

Josh Sigurdson reports on the collapse of the supply chain as farmers desperately plea for understanding as their costs go through the roof on top of the supply chain crisis due to gas prices.
This is an absolute emergency of epic proportions that people are just starting to see the signs of. With inflation to top it all off, it is imperative that action is taken now to protect yourself and your family. From storable foods to seeds to survival gear.
The baby formula crisis is just a small part of this. Cattle are dying off in massive numbers. Factories are burning mysteriously. The wheat shortage is worsening and farmers are actually being told to burn their wheat in many cases while remaining farmers are dealing with this controlled collapse at the pump when they cannot afford gas, or fertilizer or feed.
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